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Mooresville, NC - USA
Hello to all. I was wanting to make some of my own soil. Does anyone know of anywhere near charlotte, nc that sells calcined clay, or does everyone just order it online? I am open to any type of clay product. Seramis, etc. Thanks for any help.
I get Turface (All Sport or MVP) at John Deere Landscapes. Its ~ $13 a bag (50 lbs. I think). There are three near you.

Branch 38
Address 4205 B Golf Acres Drive
Charlotte NC 28208 USA
Phone 704-398-7344
Fax 704-398-7345
Distance Approx. 5 Miles

Branch 542
Address 7618 Grier Road
Charlotte NC 28213 USA
Phone 704-597-0506
Fax 704-597-3955
Distance Approx. 7 Miles

Branch 186
Address 11601 Downs Road
Pineville NC 28134 USA
Phone 704-583-0711
Fax 704-583-0457
Distance Approx. 9 Miles
Have you considered using just pure lava?
Actually, lava is what i used to use when i first started growing years ago, but havent been able to find any smaller than about 3/4" and larger. I tried breaking it up into smaller pieces, but took forever. I havent tried very hard to locate it in smaller sizes. Then when i see what everyone else is using, i didnt give it another thought. Ive been using a mix that is 40% diabase granite, 40% haydite, and 20% pine bark. I really like it, but cant find the granite in small pieces. So, here we are. Thanks alot for the john deere numbers. I actually have one here in mooresville, and its pretty large, so they should have it. Thanks again for the feedback.
The Bonsai Learning Center sells soil, but they might also sell the components. I'd give him a call.
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