BRT green crunchy leaves?

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Ottawa, Ontario
Did a quick style on my BRT tonight and noticed that some of the smaller leaves (darker green so i believe they are older growth) were crunchy... i cut them off to investigate further and they did have a noticeable crunch but did not crumble. At the folds of the crunches they turned a darker green showing that they still have moisture inside. Soil is not dry, nor has it ever been bone dry. i wait until the surface is dry and then water but there is moisture about 2-3 cm down. I gave it a drop of liquid fertilizer, Organic based Muskie 5-1-1 fish emulsion fert (recommended by the local nursery), mixed with water for the first time... would have been 3-4 days ago... Mother likes to have a wood fire going so the house normally has very low humidity so i give it the odd misting, maybe once a day. sometimes i skip a day. Last time i misted every day it started to turn yellow and drop leaves, i just got it so it could have been climatizing from its last home but don't know. i read in another thread that yellow crunchy is normal but green crunchy is really not good so not sure what to do. in a south facing window so it gets lots of morning sun until about 11-12 in the morning/afternoon. it has new growth so i don't believe its dying but i could be wrong.

are the leaves just getting to max maturity and need to shed? is it starting to die? help

other than this its looking fine af


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Riverside, CA
Your tree is perfectly normal. The old leaves have to go when the new leaves coming out .
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