Bunjin Potentilla

Hans Vleugels

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Houthalen, Belgium
I doubted for a long time if I would post this over here. It is naturally not a bonsai, but rather an experimenting. At least, that's how I look at it. And I am also a bit curious what your opinion is concerning this... thing.

I have dug out this potentilla some years ago form a neighbour's garden, and simply put in a plastic training container. We are now more than two years further, and after I shortened it last year, it now looks like this. I only wired two branches. I will do the rest later on. It does not have a decent nebari, and probably never will have one. The pot is also a bit too large, but provisionally it must be enough for now. It's about 31 cm or 12 inch high.

It's something different, isn't it... Am I 'weird' now? :D

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I really like the snake like movement in the trunk, i would like it even more if you could get it to start coming downwards again.
WOW Hans!
Like Andy I like that snake!
And yup it could use some climbing back down.
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