California Juniper Before and After

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The junipers that you see are all collected about three years ago and this is the initial styling done on them before going to Santa Clara Convention. :D


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I like the third series, but all are really nice. Makes me want to head out on a collecting trip!

Thanks for sharing!
Nice trees Peter.

I think that second tree needs a beheading right at the gap even with the top of your head. That height makes the trunk look way thin. Shorter would make a powerful tree.

Nice going styling after only three years. Shows you know know how to apply necessary aftercare. Nice job. Al

Where did you get the stand in your avatar?
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You did a really wonderful job on the first series, I just love that tree beyond everything. You got some smoking hot material there.
Actually, the second one is almost as fantastic.
You always had a knack for these junipers, my friend. I wonder if Harry has anything to do with it.:)

(the only thing that bothers me is your screen name, I never understood what the hell it means)
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Wow! Nice work! Thanks for sharing it.
Your trees are so green and full.
I have a few questions for you Peter:
1. What is your soil mix on these Cali junipers?
2. With what and how often do you fertilize, and how soon do you start to fertilize after collecting the trees?
3. Did you use that Green King fertilizer to get them so green?

Been a while since the large bonsai section been updated is all.

A right dandy piece of eye candy too!

And some fabulous trees!;)

Beautiful trees.
Wonderful to see someone work with larger
material that has so much character to it.
Good old days at Gsbf Convention with Smoke, Attila and of course the one and only Maria Kapra... I believe this was taken ten yrs ago!!!
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