California juniper trip part II

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Charlotte area, North Carolina
Was up hunting junipers again today. Here are some photos I thought people would enjoy.

Lot of juniper deadwood lying around. This gives you an idea of some of the contorted shapes that can be found in dead skeletons. Now if only I could find a live one that looked like this...

Today I went up about 500-1000 feet, and found a lot of cactus(!) Cacti everywhere, which is strange because there weren't any down in the valley.

Lucky Lager, anyone? For those of you old-timers that used to collect beer cans, you will know that they stopped making can-opener top cans in 1965, and they stopped using steel can ends long before that. So this means this can has been sitting up here 45 years or more. Not a lot of rain, judging by the rust on this steel can. No matter where I go in the mountains, I always find junk, though I am happy to say that most of it is really old and people don't seem to pollute as much now.

An interesting tree - not sure why I took this picture :) Maybe it looked better in person.

Another tree with a cool base that I didn't get a good photo of. The road in the background is the one that I drove in on - this particular patch of junipers is about 200 square miles, though I stay out of the forest areas and hang out primarily behind the county dump.
Looking at this pictures makes me wanna go california juniper hunting again. The view of the rolling mountains makes me think that this place is about two hours drive from West Covina where i lived.

Anyway, Thanks for sharing it to us and will be looking forward in seeing your collected junipers.


Peter M
Thanks for the pictures!! Very cool trees...... but where is the one you collected??? You had to get atleast one why you were out there??

I grew up in S. California and the junipers are everywhere out there..... to bad the soil isn't right in a lot of the locations....or should I say not ideal soil conditions....

Thanks for sharing!

I am with ya on that!!! I did that a time or 2 and it isn't always a good thing to do.....

I will post a picture every now and then of a really good tree if I am very, very confident it will survive.... It is a gut feeling you get when collecting it as I am sure you know all about.

This spring I have several that I will post, big spruce's, mt. hemlock's, w.hemlock's and the grand daddy of lodgepoles and some other good lodgepoles......

I wish all the darn snow would melt off soon, I am dying to get out collecting, my goal is twice a week....... :)

Thanks for the photos. Being in Florida that landscape might as well be the face of the moon. I'm jealous of the great material that I never get to see. I have to get out to the west coast.

It does occur to me that I may take all the old stands of buttressed bald cypress for granted as I travel around here.
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