Can anyone narrow down ID on these two oaks?


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Abilene , Tx
These oaks were collected in the Dallas area last fall. The thin one was growing near a medium sized post oak and the thicker stick was the only one with this appearance in the area. Although they look very similar I think they may be different? In think the small one is possibly post oak and the larger one is Quercus margeretta. 7AC27EE2-365B-48D0-8C79-0AFBA65F9918.jpegB9425E21-0B03-4A81-A2A4-E3962A4BF67E.jpegED9A0EC1-E245-460A-BF21-B230F062A694.jpeg38A9E5BC-7A6B-4D94-A633-0EBE7F30AAD2.jpeg1F426657-72B2-4EF2-BFB1-2F63485D451B.jpeg
Above is larger one (possibly Quercus margeretta?)


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Hayward, California
I’d take images of the underside of the leaves and upload the images to the iNaturalist app or website. There’s AI-based plant recognition as well as a whole community of experts who can ID this species.


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Eugene, OR
Small help but MAY help some small way. First tree is 95% surely in White Oak family. Second tree either hybrid of Red and White Oak or Red Oak family which from leaf shape suggests partial marilandica(Blackjack) or stellata(Post)Oak heritage. Lovely anyway whatever they might be;).
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