Cementing Rocks for Bonsai


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can anyone please help I wish to cement some small peices of slate to create a Bonsai rock formation out doors but do not know what glue or cement to use
I did see some of those imported trees with rocks cemented in the pots they had used what looked like sand and cement mix with a colouring to blend with the rock


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I think it would depend on whether it will be seen or not. If not, then just an outdoor construction adhesive, or just mix up some mortar, which is what most masonry work is done with. You could use thin set for tile work. Lots of different things. I would probably go with a mortar of some kind, and you could put some coloring in the mix. All should be sold at lowes or hd, just add water, and mix. Good luck
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in a project i did, i used epoxy and sprinkled the outer layar with sand or pebbles to match with the stone.

hope that helps
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