Chimonanthus Praecox - Fresh Winter Sweet / Japanese Allspice


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Oxford, UK
So today I got this plant as a self chosen birthday gift from my daughter. I went to a local nursery and got enticed by this Fresh Winter Sweet. It was something I’ve never heard of before but a quick google showed a couple of nice possibilities for bonsai. Lovely fragranced flowers on bare branches in late winter, apparently.

I haven't really got any clumps or anything of this type but I am a sucker for something different so its what I came away with. Really, I was wondering if anyone has any info or care tips for this species as I can’t find too much on bonsai care, particularly root sensitivity and repotting information. I presume it’s best to wait for flowers before repotting or major pruning? Cheers.
@Wires_Guy_wires @Lutonian @AJL @R3x @Leo in N E Illinois do any of you (or anyone else) know much about this species? I linked you all due to input in threads about them, but I can’t find much on their temperament or hardiness for root work. Really I’m just wondering about bare rooting a pot bound plant with drastic root reduction, or should it be done in stages? The pruning I’d probably normally wait til after flowering, but on the tree I bought there’s only a couple of flower buds, probably due to being pot bound, so I am possibly thinking of doing so hard pruning before spring buds start to swell in hopes of popping in advantageous places. Any thoughts would be most welcome, thanks.
I have grown these from free bonus seed a few times and neglected them.
And I'm serious when I say they can take a lot of damage, drought and bad treatment.
I've had the apex die a couple times, and they bounced back until I got rid of them entirely after a three month drought.

They're part of the legume family if memory serves me right. Mine never got old enough to flower.

From my very limited experience I can say that they need a node to bud from, so keep at least two or three to counter for some dieback. Spring repotting is safer than summer, and that's about all I can tell about them.
never had one as bonsai, my grandad had one planted in the boarder next to a forsythia and treated both the same. Chimonanthus is in the order Laurales.

I have attached a link to RHS and other concerning Chimonanthus.

I literally just cut a few of these coz my wife bought loads to decorate the house for Chinese new year, so it makes bonsai yeh?
I wanna try too7DA54E46-AF98-4A5E-88E1-5B9B1A5AAA50.jpeg
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