Chinese Elm

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I recently got back into bonsai after a long hiatus when I was bought a Chinese Elm by a friend from a supermarket. I need some ideas on how to style the tree as I really think it looks a mess at the moment. I have included some photographs of the tree as it is today below.

I would really like to style the tree as done in this post: Chinese Elm Mallsai

Can anybody give me any tips on how to start the process with this tree.

Another idea I have had is to cut back all the branches except the thickest one and make this a new leader and hopefully new growth will come further down the trunk. Or to cut back the whole top of the tree over winter and hope it sends out new shoots. Perhaps air layer the tree.I want to create taper somehow, but I would really like to sort out the branches as I think they look bad.

Thanks for any help.

Chinese Elm 1

Chinese Elm 2

Chinese Elm 3

Chinese Elm Trunk
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