Chinese Take-Away Scrolls

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America, the great melting pot!
A Sumie Ink painted Cricket
A Red Chinese Chop-Stick Wrapper
And a little light reading of Pages of Don Quixote
On a Bonsai Scroll, perfect for that Shohin tree!

A new line of fun and whimsical scrolls I have started making called Chinese Take-Away Scrolls!
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..and you can have something growing out of a takeout box for your display.

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Quick, you better message Crust! :D

Really though, it's a cool idea for the scrolls.
You most certainly could if you wanted too! Which is kinda the point... with very small trees, often there is much less of a formality to them. The stands can often be much more creative, the pots obviously as well... some times with bright colors, as well as painted depicting scenes... so why not have some fun with the scrolls?

We have some incredible shohin shows down here devoted entirely to only them... I have done some similar work for some who have displayed in these events and they went over very well! Folks also seem to like the insects that I paint, and the play with the scroll as this one has done, seems to work really well... takes some of the bug feel out of, well bugs!
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