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Vancouver Island, British Columbia
I think it is worth mentioning again that the best route is to purchase cutting grown material from a known cultivar and a respected grower. The most desireable in my mind being the Red form Dwarf Chojubai that displays the flaky type grey bark. Very important show characteristic for Chojubai. There are lots of Red Dwarf Chojubai for sale that do not have this characteristic in the bark. There are also lots of cultivars with larger leaves and bigger red flowers! This comes from my own experience of sourcing Chojubai from several sources about ten years ago!
Only one of the sources had the true cultivar i sought.
A reputable seller will be able to verify the source and cultivar. Best case scenario is you get to view the parent plant.
Chojubai grow slowly, develop slowly so the time spent developing will be considerable. Start with the best material you can source.
One tip i would pass on is that they grow faster in slightly larger and deeper containers then normally used for cuttings.
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