clip bonsai tree root


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clip bonsai tree root

The external shape of the roots of bonsai is very important works in miniature external root

j is determined by the performance of the works of high, and even is the key to success.
Material of most trees can not be perfect, the roots, the total existence of defects in

one way or another. I adopted the practice for many years, ¨ I think the majority of

defects can be after three to five years or more improvement and growth, get a better repair

of the defects in the original treatment has been a step-by-step as long as the

identification of transcripts and the eradication of beauty and ugliness, grasp the key

points. Methodologically sound, and all are expected. This is what this article to talk

about the rationale for the root of the Bonsai technique.

To the rationale for the root, we must increase the root's ability to appreciate

beauty, to find out what kind of shape was the best roots, the roots of what is not

beautiful, and what kind of roots of the taboo is ugly.

welcome to my BeiJing Bonsai


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