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I asked Brian Underwood the following earlier. I also wanted to post this message, to you see what you all had to say, so that it may help others who have similar questions. I haven't found a lot out there on Coastal Redwoods, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is what I asked him earlier.

Hey Brian,

I think you are the same Brian that I purchased my redwood from on eBay. The tree is doing great, and I'm really loving it. It has been dormant (I guess you would say semi-dormant) now for a while. I think it may be showing signs of waking up, so a few questions have popped up.

The tree appears to have small buds forming on a lot of the branches. None of them appear to be extending at the moment. I understand the different bud stages of deciduous trees and what to do. This is my first spring with my coastal redwood, and with little information out there, I just want to make sure I do what is best for the tree.

It is still cold here, with lows in the upper 20's and lower 30's. At night I store it in an unheated garage (not a lot of light), then bring it outside and place it into a shade when temps are above 37 degrees. I love to keep it semi-dormant as long as I can. However, with the buds forming, I didn't know if its on its way to waking up no matter what I prefer. So....

1) Should I continue on doing what I'm doing now with the unheated garage and shade during the day?
2) With the buds appearing has it awakened, or is it still semi-dormant? Has its light requirements changed? I'm trying to keep it out of direct sun, so it won't wake up early.
3) Is it time to repot, or can I wait until the buds begin to extend?
4) When I do repot it, how much of the root-ball can be safely removed?
5) If I do need to repot, should I continue with the unheated garage and shade during the day, while gradually beginning to expose it to more direct sun.

Thanks so much for your help. With your help back when I've purchased it, the tree has thrived and is looking great! I just don't want to mess it up all now! :) Thanks again, and I will be posting this in one of the forums also.

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