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Dallas, TX
Not long ago Grouper52 suggested Asian grocery stores as a source for oversized colanders, so I went and checked one out and bought a couple for like $8 I think. Anyway, I used them initially to help sift my soil, which was great because they're huge and can sift a lot of stuff fast, but I didn't end up planting anything in them right away. I did plant a couple trees in smaller colanders, but quickly realized that it wasn't going to work so well because they were drying out way too fast, and it's not even close to hot here yet. My solution was to plant a couple small colanders in the large colander to help keep them wet, but still allow me to take them out individually if necessary. After less than two months, I was really suprised to pull them out today and find so many roots already. The boxwood had roots poking out of its colander, but the catlin elm had even more dramatic growth. When I tried to lift it out, it didn't want to come. Anyway, I knocked the dirt off the exposed roots, trimmed them off and stuck it back in the big colander again. Long story short: I give the big colanders two thumbs up, thanks Grouper! :)


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Isn't it amazing how prolific roots can be??? It's awesome! I am happy they are so happy.

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