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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have experience collecting Prunus serotina ssp. capuli? One of those guys was growing in my backyard for 3 years. I never planted it, it just appeared one day. It reached about 4 or 5 feet, then I pruned it back and it re-bud, and grow again about 3 feet. It was growing just to the side of a wall, and nobody wanted there so I dug and pulled it, but unfortunately not many feeder roots were near the surface, but I pulled it anyways. It’s been in a plastic pot for three weeks now, some leaves turned yellow and fell, but I has many others that are green.

You cannot see it from the picture but it has a quite long foot, a root maybe 1-foot long that is why I had to plant it near the edge. I also used rooting hormone in the cuts to help it to produce roots.

Do you think it has chances of survival?

The base is around 3 inches and is about 3 feet tall.

Any information or comment will be appreciated.

Best regards,



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I think that because it still has leaves that are obviously alive after three weeks this tree has a good chance of survival.
Try to pick a better time of year when it is dormant would have increased your chances immensly!
On one hand I would suggest doing nothing different than you are already doing mit seems to have worked so far. This should have been in a shady area. It seems in time the tree will respond. When it does start to re shoot move it to a more normal position were it will get morning sun.
Or I could be very contraversail and suggest a plant starter formula to kick start it again.:eek:
Try searching for threads by Mark Rockwell aka rockm at bonsaitalk. He mentioned interest and experience with them in quite a few of his older posts.
Napo: got it out of the ground and into a flat of some kind - but it is not the best of trunks to work with. I think you will need to cut it lower and then grow a new top to create movement and taper. You need to clean up the cuts if you expect any kind of healing around those wounds.

The leaves are large and the long shape is also not that desireable. I understand you dug this one up - because it was there - perhaps other varieties of Prunus in your area are better suited to creating bonsai. As it stands - you have quite of bit of growing work - before you can get to the point of creating something. With the size of the leaves - you will need to create a tree of considerable size in order to make the scale of the leaves work.....Regards, Tom
Hi Guys,

Thank you very much for the comments, sorry for not responding before, I had been a little bussy studying for a TOEFL and a GRE test (I´m applying for a scholarship in the US)... This tree is everwhere and grows like weeds, unfortunately it has some characteristics that are not that desirable, but anyways...

I agree with Tom, this should be a considerable size tree to be somewhat enjoyable, I´ll let it the way it is for a couple of years, and then start working on it.


Ummm it's pretty messed up they're making you take the TOEFL and the GRE.....If you score decient on the GRE's verbal you'd blow the TOEFL out of the water....Seems like the TOEFL would be a gross waste of money...BOOOOO Bureaucracy!!!

Good Luck on your tests!
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