Container size for Japanese Maple Outdoor Seed Box

Just to clarify, maple seed will still germinate with wings on but it is easier to spread the seeds evenly without wings. Also easier to cover them without wings. The winged ones tend to float up as you add soil to cover.
No problem sowing floaters. The non-viable ones won't grow but rarely cause any problems. I don't even bother soaking maple seed now. They will get plenty wet enough in the seed tray in the coming months before they germinate.

Look forward to seeing this tray as the seeds germinate in spring.
I'll be sure to update my progress in the summer.
I use 1/4 inch mesh hardware cloth , top and bottom. Roughly 6 millimeters mesh. Hardware cloth is galvanized wire mesh.
I think I'm going to replace the chicken wire with hardware cloth, I think mice or birds could still get at the seeds/seedlings in the spring.
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