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strathclyde, scotland
I've been thinking about trying out air layering for a while now and have been looking for branches which have a pleasing shape already and have noticed that some side twigs on the branches of a lot of adolescent trees look rather like the starting trunk lines of a shohin sized tree.( i now see these small tree's on branches and in my head all the time)

So my theory if i cut all other growth off of said branch would more growth energy go into the piece left on ?

maybe remove some neighboring branches ?

Then if left for a year or two whilst training it on the branch ?

and finally when air layering peel the bark on either side of shohin on branch but only 2/3 around circumference of branch to get good root spread ?

then cut off branch section with rooted shohin and plant ?

which would then give the illusion of a very small tree growing on a very small log ?

could this work ???
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