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Got a couple junis from a sale this past weekend.

This one needs help! :) Its not the healthiest thing in the world right now, but I thought it had potential. I will get the tree healthy first, then style later (new pot new soil ASAP!)



This next one I think will become one of my favorites. Yes it needs work, but I really like this one:)



Both trees were a steal! Also picked up a chinese elm, but its not even worth showing yet.
Hi Duane, nice finds! both trees are very promising, especially the big one. I wouldn't worry about repotting them yet though. They are weak right now. The fastest way to perk them up is to give them some organic fertilizers like cottonseed meal and a lot of water for a few months. In the mean time you could go ahead and style it.These little junipers don't need much root work once they had been potted like this already.
Good luck!

Nice trees to work with. Fun projects.

That first tree has a suspicious gray cast to it. Does it have juniper scale possibly? I use Carl's Soap Solution for my juni scale. I would wait to repot it until the color improves. Feed it some tasty fert.
A new look

Here is a new look for the first tree. I know you probably would be reluctant to give up the tall upright trunk, but some aspects of this tree remind me of an oak that spreads along the edge of a cliff. Besides eliminating major portions of the tree, the right branches would need to be bent more and the tree would be repotted angling more to the right.

Just a thought.


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Si, thanks. The soil is hard as rock & I can see that this tree was slip-potted right into this big bonsai pot with more soil being added around the edges. I repotted the tree & its starting to smile a little now:)

Yamadori, the tree has a greenish mold on the branches almost the same color as the green molding around my glass sliding door. I am using a toothbrush & water to get most of the mold off. I think this tree once was a good looking juniper but somehow got neglected & is now being purged out of someones collection (luck for me)

bonsai barry, thanks for the virt. I always appreciate any suggestions. When the tree is healthy, I will take it to my club for more suggestions before I start bending & snipping on this one.
I like the first juniper. I would choose the second photo for the front, and just keep it the way it is...just refine it a little. It looks like a "bonsai."
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