Current SoCal weather question #2


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Norwalk, CA
So this is about the 5th day with non-stop raining here in SoCal, something unusual if you ask me.

I have all my bonsai's on a mix of Diatomaceous earth and pine bark, which drains perfectly fine, this is my first rain season while doing bonsai, so my question is:

Will you keep your trees out on the rain for such a long period of non-stop rain?

The Forecast says that we'll continue having rain until Thrusday morning stopping just for X-mas and coming back earlier next week until new years day.

I'm really confident that my bonsai's are not retaining any water at all, but I don't know if they may experience any damage for being expose to water for such a long time frame.

BTW, I have mostly Junipers (nana) Trident Maples, Japanese Maples & Satsuki's.
I'm not doing anything special... I've experienced long rainy periods before without any losses. A week here is nothing compared to what I used to experience in the MidWest.
No worries, it could rain like this for the next 30 days, and nothing would happen. Plants love this weather. That's because the temperature is very cool, and not very conductive for the pathogens to thrive. So, even though my bonsai are soaking wet, they are as healthy as ever.
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