Dawn Redwood 20" with 1.5" trunk questions


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Just a few questions, and I know you all can help. I recently acquired this Dawn Redwood tree described in the title and need some direction. Note: I live in zone 6A western Pennsylvania.
There are so many conflicting strategies from all of the bonsai pages and I don't know what to believe. Thank you everyone !!!

Questions :

#1 - What time of year should the re-potting and or transplanting to ground be done?
#2 - Can I pinch back and do light pruning during the growing season?
#3 - Best over wintering practices for this tree in my area, if it's not in the ground?
#4 - What is the best exposure to Sun ?
#5 - Do you think growing it out in the ground for a few years is optimal to stack mass, and if so what location in relation to sun exposure?

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Bothell, WA
I can only tell you my experience with Redwoods. I do have Dawn and Coastal types.
1. Depend on what you are doing, if it’s going into a bonsai pot, I ‘d do is just before the buds pop my self. However these guys are pretty vigorous. If I‘m growing out a Redwood in a nursery pot, I do it any time in the spring. Practically having a lot of foliage in the way can be a pain,
2. Yes... these guys are vigorous.
3. I dig mine in the ground under some trees with 3” bark nuggets underneath the pot and atop the pot to assure each drains and for insulation, near a fence to keep the wind down. But I’m in zone 8b. However if you have a place similar that also gets some sun I think you’d be ok.
4. Hmm... I,ve had all mine in Full to 3/4 sun. I’m told you can put these in more sun if you mist them frequently.
5. Yes, but you need to know what your final size and style would be no matter how you grow it out. Plant in full sun. Then cut off the top at least once a year and wire up another branch as the new leader to improve your taper.

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Cheers and Good Luck - keep us posted on your progress
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