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Here's the demo tree. I didn't get to finish it completely, and the apex needs to be lowered and thinned out. No wiring yet either. However I think you can see there is a nice tree in there. Demo was two hours, but most of the time I was talking, working on the easel, holding up display trees to illustrate a point, etc.


Here's the "before" picture:

Not bad for some quick work. I agree the apex reduction will work out nicely. Are you planning on finishing now, or are you going to wait a bit?
I have been studying under a different Master to you fella's,i think i may have captured something of the spirit of his technique.

Hey Bonsai Nut,

When are you going to refine the foliage? That tree needs some serious wiring and I'm not sure I agree with how you potted it up. Finally, what species of Juniper is it?

LOL you guys - this is for our study group :) I had to do a quick trim on a tree and I stuck it in a pot today just to get it out of the black nursery container. It is NOT in a final pot, nor has any refinement work been done on it.
Somehow I missed this thread.

I like this tree BNut. I would not chop it there, may be at least not yet. But don't bring it to the Study Group or IanB will tie you up and chop it himself.:D

The main problem with this tree is the poor first branch. It might be better as a jin. So without a proper fist branch, the tree should be styled as an informal upright or bunjin. I think a bunjin might be ok with this one, especially if you keep the top curves and not chop it off. I would pick one of the side view, maybe the one from the right side, lean it back, then wire the top third of the trunk line forward. Please show us some side and back views if you want some virtual designs or sketches. I would love to practice sketching on this tree.

Is it in 100% Turface?

Good luck!
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