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I have read many posts on this site about individuals wanting to learn more about Bonsai Display.
Specifically, many seem confused about the "rules" in formal Japanese display.
I have spent a considerable amount of time studying and translating a display style called Gaddou 雅道,
which would be interpreted as "the way of Elegance".
It is a display style devoted to teaching one how to formally display Bonsai and Sanyasou.
The presentation along with accompanying notes is for sale for $5.00
In order to purchase this translated presentation email to sales@customjapanesecalligraphy.com
We accept credit cards, paypal, and check or money order.
It is a 60 page presentation with the following outline of topics:

Part 1: Classifying Individual Components
  1. What is Gadou
  2. The Formal/Semi-formal/Informal System
  3. Defining your Bonsai (Species & Styling)
  4. Pots
  5. Stands/Slabs
  6. Accent Pieces
  7. Scrolls
Part 2: Merging Components into Coherent Stories
  1. Display History Basics
  2. Japanese Seasonal Themes (Flowers/Birds)
  3. Toko no Ma Basics
  4. Toko no Ma Types
  5. Seki Kazari – Flow
  6. Practical Application

Part 3: Open/Live Chat

An opportunity set in Mid-May (Date and Time TBD), where those who have purchased this Presentation
can ask questions and we will discuss in a group how to weave personal cultural experiences into your bonsai

For those who don't know some of my credentials are listed below:
1. 2010 Participated and created a display in the Kazari
2. Consulted and conceptually designed the first place winning design of Kazari
3. 2018 Made a scroll for a participant in the Kazari
4. Designed and created the scroll for the Best of Show winner of the 2014 US National Bonsai Exhibition

I hope to speak with many of you on a personal basis.

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