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I bought a few azaleas from on older nurseryman who started most of his plants from seeds and seedlings as long ago as the 1940's. They were unmarked and he didn't know what they were. I think they are a satsuki type of azalea but I don't know what kind. Any of you azalea experts know what this one is?


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Hi Ryan,
If this Azalea was started from seed it is not named. All named Azaleas are clones usually grown from cuttings. From my understanding the word Satsuki means fifth month, so Azaleas that bloom in May are Satsuki Azaleas.
Here is a link that shows pictures of blooms and names of Satsuki Azaleas, it does not have all of them by a long shot but has most of the ones that have been in the States for awhile.
Hope this is of some help.

That is a great resource, thank you. I'll refer to that link often when identifying satsukis. After reviewing it I think mine is the "Geisha Girl" variety. I don't know if mine were cutting or seed grown. I don't think the nurseryman I bought them from would even remember how he started them. They have nice sized trunks and appear to be fairly old.


I did a search on the one you suggested, and I'm not sure it's a satsuki variety. In fact I couldn't find a color variation that matched mine. So for now I'll say that it's the Geisha Girl.

I'll be making multiple air-layers this summer from this tree. The nurseryman never pruned them and they have become leggy. But many of the long branches have off-shoots in all the right places to make the start of some nice trees.
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