Earthquake and Tsunami

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Our thoughts are with those in Japan affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. Sadly, it sounds like those working by the waterfront had little time to prepare due to the proximity of the epicenter to the shore. Let's hope that there are no significant aftershocks.
The whole Pacif rim has been pretty active the last couple of years, like it's getting ready for the big one. Could the Myans have forseen the plug coming out?

Scary enough, then during the news this morning they started refering to the event in Chile, and mentioned the shift in the earths axis, scary stuff, could this be 12/21/12?
I just read a book on Krakatoa. When that island/volcano blew up, it generated a tsunami 100's of feet high that completely obliterated all villages/cities in its path. It impacted water levels all the way around the world and was measured in London. The explosion was so loud that it was heard 2000 miles away and the shock wave went around the world 7 times (where it was measured on barometers globally).

Scary stuff.
I heard today that the shape of Japan on maps tomorrow will be a little different. The eastern shoreline has submerged in some places nearly a 1/4 mile inland. Much of the eastern shore has submerged and the new outline will mean that the seas have recaptured a little terra firma.
Aside from the fact of the size of the quake, now listed as 9.0, but they figure now that the plates at that point moved about 60' ,thats huge, and why the quake lasted upwards of 5 minutes, instead of the typical few seconds.

Sad this morning they say that good news bad news, one of the towns they thought was completely wiped away with close to 18,000 dead, is only half of that, many were able to flee quick enough to get away.

Looks like they aren't doing well with the nukes though.

Klytus, somewhere you asked about what happened to the containment, when they de-pressurized the reactor vessle, it let a lot of hydrogen gas into the outer building, BOOM. Hydrogen is nasty at exploding at the smallest trigger.
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