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Huntington, WV
Hey all! I recently joined this forum and thought it only polite to introduce myself. My name is JC and I have been involved in bonsai for the past few years. All of my trees are still in development due to the theft of my "finished" trees last month. I also post at bonsaisite so some may remember me from there. This forum seems to have more advanced discussions so I look forward to joining it!
Cheers. JC
Welcome to Bonsai Nut!!!

I am so sorry to hear about your trees being stolen. How many were stolen?
Hi JC! Welcome. Sorry to hear about the trees....:eek::mad::(

I've been a victim of tree theft myself. I feel for you!
Welcome!!! Hope you enjoy your stay! Sorry to hear about the theft. That is sad on many levels.

I wish you good fortune as you train more!
There were a total of 5 trees stolen. All I have had for the past 7 years. I was livid believe me! Thanks for the sympathies and the warm welcome.
I hate tree theft. One of the reasons why I have a security camera on mine :) CostCo saves the day once again.

Welcome to the nuthouse!
The "FNG" was hilarious. ;)

Do you have any pictures of your stolen bonsai?

Welcome JC, and sorry about your trees. I have a Rottie looking after mine:)

A bunch of Dachshunds guard mine. (there is not much to guard mind you) You may laugh and think "wiener dogs?" Consider this, they were bred to go down in holes, kill badgers and drag them out. I pity the fool that confronts large numbers of these solid muscle, missiles with teeth. ;)
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Dachshunds are great dogs. Take off everything from the toes to the knees. I have a jack russell for my security system bred for much the same just add a lot more high strungness.
Welcome JC, and sorry about your trees. I have a Rottie looking after mine:)

Also sorry o hear about your trees.
Daphne an
[/IMG]d Ellie Mae
look after mine.

The only problem is that they think my organic fertilizer is delicious.

I just have Rattlesnakes....
Welcome and sorry to hear about your trees.

I've lost several to the crackheads around here and now keep them in a cage.
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