false cypress


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Echuca, Australia

Your comment is welcomed, Personally I wish I'd had two more trees.
I wish I had a surfing Buddah....

Looks a lot better! My only question involves the original soil. It doesn't look much like bonsai soil - it almost looks like clay(?)
Would you believe that none of my books stated that you use the muck to build retaining walls? not plant the B***** trees in it:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Luckily when I had my white pine trimmed, I was set straight!

Oh well, life's a learning experiance.

(Mind you, no one told me here either?)

(Oh I bought a new book to, one of Craig Coussins' goes into landscapes a bit more than most of mine, and explains some points that it seems most of the other books assume you already know.....And you know what they say about assume........)
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I just hope that the trees survive, not looking too good this morning, a fair amount of browning of on a couple of them, Still if I'm going to lose something, rather them than my ceders.
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