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San Antonio, Texas
Hi Y'all. New to Bonsai here. I live in San Antonio,Texas, Zone 8B. I am a new member of the San Antonio Bonsai Society. I have been wearing out my computer visiting all the various Bonsai sites and forums, gathering information and being inspired by all the beautiful trees. I have just purchased my first nursery stock. Had them a week and I am ready to get started. Here are some pics of what I bought. A Yaupon Holly/llex Vomitoria and a Varigated Chinese Privet/Ligustrum Sinensis Varigated.Hope the pics come out. Now I have to decide what soil to use andwhat to plant them in, trimming,roots , etc. My first time so I am sure I will learn alot. Thanks for any input you may have. Joe


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Welcome, Joe. Nice pics, and pretty nice little trees. But let me offer a couple of thoughts before you do anything.

First, high summer isn't a good time for repotting anything except tropicals. You want to check with others in the SA bonsai club to be sure, since they're familiar with local conditions. But I think you probably want to wait until the weather cools off some.

Second, have you decided how big you want these to be? Mame is fine -- one of my friends keeps almost nothing else -- and the Schilling yaupon lends itself well to that size. But unless you want mame, these trees need a few years to put on some bulk before you start any styling.

Best wishes!
Hi Steve. Thanks for the reply. Wish I had read your post after I got home from work. I went ahead and took off a few of the larger branches and smaller branches, then stopped. I still dont know what I want as far as style goes.Mame might be it for this one.Here are some pics of what I did.Front, rear and a pic of how much I took off. I kept it in its original pot as per Brent Walston from EvergreenGardenWorks in his article titled " A Beginners First Bonsai".This is my first time so I know that I can expect and accept that I will kill a few here and there along the way.


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