First off, hello! Second wwyd with this Alberta spruce?

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Greetings everyone! First time post here on this site as I have just signed up after reading posts for the past few months! I’m a zone 5 member and have started a small collection of bonsai this year from retial as well as yamadori. Long story short this Alberta spruce was removed from a clients front yard this year and I decided to take it to experiment with. The spruce was about 6 inches too deep into the ground as was struggling. Girdled roots..low sun I think? I have basically stripped all the dead growth off of it. It’s just posted in a compost/peat mix with some of the loamy soil it was planted in. The roots got a pretty hefty trimming as well. Any advice for this thing? Just let it show some signs of growth maybe for the next year? I want to be able to prune it back to get some budding closer to the trunk but don’t want to strip all the needles off it


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