First (small Workshop In My Finished Garden.

Hans van Meer

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Hi everybody,
I had a great day today! I finally was able to give my first "although small" workshop in my "almost" finished garden. Ed and Eric were my guests, to work on some lovely material and have some fun in the open air, with light snack's and refreshments!:) And, I might at, they did a great job! It was a good bonsai day and I am looking forward to the next one! I love this hobby!:)
For those interested: there is more to find about this workshop on my weblog!
Hans van meer.

Pictures are the Pinus sylvestris and Juniperus sargantii that Ed van der Reek brought along.


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Hans, I looked at your class and garden on your blog and it looks great. It is nice that you can start to use your garden.
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