First time planting seeds, some pics and questions inside


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So I ordered some seeds online and a mini green house to put in front of my window.
Very curious to see if they will germinate, especially since only 8/60 seeds that I planted sunk to the bottom in their 24 hour soaking period.
Maybe they didnt sunk because they were poor quality? Not sure how much that matters.
I still planted all the seeds.
Looked at the JBP contest and people were talking about planting 500 seeds and expecting only few to survive, this makes me worry about my 60 seeds,
but we will see what happends.

The seeds I planted are:

-Zelkova Serrata
-Seqouia Sempervirens
-Muraya Exotica
-Acer Buergerianum
-Lagerstroemia Indica
- Citrus Mitis

I also have two in the fridge on some wet paper towels in a plastic bag for stratification.

-Palmatum Atropurpureum
-Ulmus Parvifolia

Will probably take these out after 3 weeks or so (instructions said a month but read that most people do 3 weeks).

The soil I used isnt the one on the pictures but it is similar, in hindsight I thought other soil might be better for the seeds.
I also saw a video where the guy put some sand on top, wondering if this helps a lot.
What do you guys think about soil for germination, is regular bonsai soil fine?
Now these are all outside trees, inside my house its currently 16-20 degrees, it says on the instructions 20-25 degrees is best for germination, so I hope the small greenhouse helps.
At what point would you consider putting them outside? 1 year?
Guess for now I will have to see whether or not they even germinate.

Please let me know if you have any advice.
Will probably update this in the coming month with progress.


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