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Yackandandah, Australia
We have completely opposite seasons but I also have dahlias flowering now - normal time of year for me

But I also have azaleas giving some out of season autumn flowers now.
This one is quite well established bonsai. Not sure of the variety as it was collected from a garden renovation

This one is a Japanese Satsuki called Shugetsu. It has flowered on and off all summer.
Not bonsai yet, still developing.

Leo in N E Illinois

Imperial Masterpiece
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on the IL-WI border, a mile from ''da Lake''
That's the money shot. - Good flowers are needed, to get good fruit. Bumble bees are your friend. Turns out honeybees are rather poor at pollinating blueberries. Bumble bees and solitary bees like mason bees and orchard bees are best pollinators for blueberries. It won't be long.
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