Foliar Feeding and Struggling Plants

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Corona Del Mar, CA
I have a few plants in intensive care lol. This means moderate light, and light watering with about 1/4 strength fertilizer at most. I'm wondering if foliar feeding (or in cases where leaves have dropped, spraying the tree body) with about the same strength and more frequently than watering of the soil, would be advantageous. I suppose it might, because the leaves dry fast and there's no risk of drenching the roots. Is this the case? If not, should I do so with less fertilizer, or just water. I'm basically asking, should I do abundant very dilute foliar feeding for struggling plants. And does it matter what time or temperature? As I've experienced cold night time spraying can encourage mildew. Thanks in advance...


The Treedeemer
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Northern Germany
What species are we talking about, and why are they having trouble.

Most plants do not have a lack of nutrients in store. If the cause of the problems is not lack of nutrients, I am not convinced that foliar feeding adds much, but opinions on this differ.

I prefer to just ensure that I take away whatever was causing the problems to start with and then provide optimal growing conditions. Fertilizer is not a first-aid need of plants. Suitable substrate, light, temperature and moderate moisture are.
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