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SW Oregon
Hi group,
collected these last year hoping they would survive, they did well. All I did last year was defolieate large leaves.
This year leaves are tiny.
Plan to leave in this pot for this next year
but would welcome any suggestions/advice on pruning/wiring and styling that could be done now.

Slab next year.

Will be posting leaves on photobucket later, can't remember species. White on the back of the leaves and seems to like it wet and roots easily.

Rose Mary
Rose Mary,

It's been 3 years. It would be wonderful to see this updated. Hope you're still around - the trees too!!
An update , yes still growing well. Had made 2 from the original collected group. Last summer my favorite died while I was away and the babysitter missed it when watering.
I was going to put this on a slab when repotting but the root mass was so thin( not sparse, actually ready for slab) but was afraid it would require too much care if I was away a couple days in the heat.... so it's in this wrong pot I know but until next year....

It hasn't really ramified, leggy skinny trees but I still keep it. At night the underside of the leaves show more (white). Easy to keep the leaves quite small. Actually shortened it a couple more inches since this pic.

just clip n grow no wire.

Suggestions welcome
Rose Mary
SW Oregon
looks like a nice planting, but I'd love to see larger pictures if you can do that :)
new photos

071712171606.jpg 052612175506.jpgThank you didn't realize the photos didn't enlarge.

new pics hope they are clearer.


Anyone have id ideas? The back side of leaves fuzzy white...The first photos shows the back of one on my finger. This closeup makes the leaves look large but they are mostly 1/2 inch or less.

Thank you
Rose Mary
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