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Northridge CA
California Bonsai Society is proud to announce 2nd Annual Ben Oki Bonsai Scholarships

The California Bonsai Society (CBS) has set up a scholarship fund to honor Ben Oki - a man who devoted most of his life to enjoying and sharing bonsai. Ben was happiest when he was sharing his knowledge or working on a tree. To honor that sharing spirit Ben had we will be making five $200.00 grants available to anyone in the bonsai community to be used to attend classes, a workshop or other bonsai related educational activity. To apply, the applicant should write a short note detailing what they’d like to do with the funds - funds can be used for classes, materials to bring to a class, workshops, etc. as long as it is geared towards improving one’s bonsai skills and knowledge with an outside source. They cannot be used to just buy a piece of material to work on your own.
Applicants who receive scholarships agree that in return for these funds within 15 days of completing class etc. they will provide CBS with photos and a short write up of what they did with the funds. This will be published on our website and in our newsletter.
The application period will be from April 15th ,through May 30th annually with the scholarships awarded by June 15th. Applications will be accepted from anyone in the bonsai community.
The scholarship will be awarded by random drawing.
Anyone in the bonsai community can apply by sending a short note stating that they are applying for the Ben Oki Scholarship. Applications should include name, address and email of applicant as well as name of teacher, workshop leader etc. and dates of said classes or workshops or other activity to improve one’s bonsai knowledge. All applications need to be postmarked by May 30th.
Applications should be mailed via US postal service to
Ben Oki Scholarship
c/o 17230 Roscoe Blvd. Northridge CA 91325
This is seriously cool. The money would be helpful for those who need help getting started.
Thanks CBS!
What a cool idea :) if only there was something like that in my country!
Samual Brierley of Whakatane is conduxting a workshop together with Harry Harrington and Thor Holvila in Sweden next month. I know he also does a yamadori dig on mount Taupo every year with a workshop and get together. I'm not sure if he takes students but you might wanna look into it.
I've never had the pleasure to meet him yet but we have shared words and from the pics his trees are really really good. He's a top bloke and if you haven't talked to him before you really should!

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