Freebie Juniper!


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sheffield, england
Hi all

I was given this Juni along with another bunch of trees back in 2013, I never knew what to do with it so it was left to it's own devices!!

I finally sat and had a look at it and felt how stiff the bend was on the trunk, It moved but took a fair bit of force!

Anyhow, I broke out the 6mm wire and wrapped the trunk then pulled it up some!!, A few mins later it was back down, The trunk was stronger than the wire but I kept easing it up and eventually it stayed near where I wanted it!, I thought about holding something rigid on to the outside of the bend so I could put wire loops on and twist the loops so as to pull the trunk a little more upright! I didn't bother though, I just give it a pull each time I go near it and it seems to be staying a little better each time!!

After it stayed up some..

I decided I didn't like the lower thick branch and was going to jin it but then dicided it would be better gone..

I also wondered about carving some dead twigs in to faux jins then drilling small holes up the tree trunk to push them in to give a sense of age and a hard life, Not too sure whether i'll do this though!!

All said, I'm quite happy with it now and plan on regularly feeding it with seaweed extract to try and get some foliage clouds now!!

I was picking a dish for it to go in next year as it's not been repotted for a few years!

I was advised the brown one in the centre would suit best, I'm inclined to agree,,

EDIT, Not sure what style this would be, Literati maybe? 🤔

Cheers, John 👍
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