From Seed Division: Arnaut's Manila Tamarind Forest


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United Arab Emirates
There are a couple Manila Tamarind trees down the road from my house so I figured that I could maybe try my hand at planting some of the seeds for this project. I have already planted a bunch last month when I first saw the announcement, but waited to see how the germination goes (in case of, you know, utter failure) and was pleasantly surprised with about 90% success!
Here's the pics of the seeds, fruit and the baby saplings, which I am happy to report seem to be doing fairly well so far.
I have planted some of these in a layer of soil (I use a peat/perlite/commercial pot soil mix as a seed starter, it seems to work well for almost anything but hardcore desert plants) over a layer of Leca pebbles, as I have heard about that being sometimes used to shape the taproot into a future trunk. As soon as roots started coming out the bottom, I have carefully cut out the bottoms of the nursery pots and partially buried them in soil in hopes of developing a root system from there. The next batch I'll try a little more conservatively, but I thought it might prove to be a fun little exercise. I'll keep you updated about how it goes!

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