FS..... A Cloisonne Bonsai Tray/Plate


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Plymouth, Michigan
Bonsai Tray 006.JPG Bonsai Tray 007.JPG Bonsai Tray 008.JPG Bonsai Tray 001.JPG Rare and Beautiful Cloisonne Bonsai Tray/Plate...

9 1/4"Wide x 7"High x 3/32" Thick

Vibrant colors of a Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Tree, the back of the Tray is a High Gloss Black.

There are no Crack's, Blemish's, Scratches or Chips anywhere on the Tray, Front or Back.

I've used it for years in a Picture Stand sitting behind one of my Japanese Black Pines.

It also has a Silver Presentation/Gift box that protects the Plate.

This would make a Wonderful Gift or Award for a Bonsai Show.

I am asking $100.00 Shipped
Bonsai Tray 002.JPG Bonsai Tray 003.JPG Bonsai Tray 004.JPG

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