Fukien Tea/Carmona Dropping green leaves


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Bucharest, Romania
Hi everyone,

I am having trouble with my Carmona bonsai, starting 1 or 2 month ago it has been dropping leaves constantly, at start new leaves wore growing back as fast as they dropped, but now it started losing them faster and faster.
I am always keeping the air humid and i'm always spraying her with water every morning. I have her for about 7 years now and I really don't want to lose it, i had it repoted 3 years ago and i have not taken her out since then to trim the roots, not sure if this is needed or not.

I am a complete beginner at this, and i did not look into it that much since i noticed it was doing so well without any interventions from me, i have been trimming it from time to time, but not so much lately since i'm not sure how this should be done and I was afraid it might make it drop leaves even more.

I have attached some images with it. Can anyone help me find the root cause or are there specific reasons why leaves would fall so fast ?

I also wanted to mention that it may have had a shock 3 weeks ago, i had to leave my city urgently for 2 days, and i kind of left her in the sun. When i came back all her leaves wore really down, but after some watering and some quick spraying they began to hydrate and became hard again. Since then the leaves looks really well, they are not dull or anything, they have that specific shine or healthy leaves.



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Next time you need to leave town, put him in a clear plastic bag, fill the bag with CO2 (blow it up like a balloon), and leave it at the window. Your temporary terrarium will be just fine for several weeks.

For now, repot him with fresh soil, but stay away from packaged "potting soil" that says it is a high in recycled organic materials, meaning ground up newspaper and cardboard. These will retain water too long. If you use a packaged "bonsai soil' you will need to water more often. I don't like your pots as pictured. Plastic-in-plastic stays too wet for my tastes. If you insist on a non-bonsai style pot, the pot should be terracotta which wicks excess water nicely, and it can be inside a decorator jardinaire.

If you have the ability to summer it outdoors, do it. That will give you a more healthy plant to overwinter in the house.

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