Fukien Tea Question

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Quebec City
Well I am sorry if this topic was ever covered here on this thread. I just wanted to post a quick question on the subject to find out if members on other forums know of any success with this. Basically I am trying to find a Fukien Tea to start as a bonsai. Unfortunately all of the subjects that I am able to find in my area are the super curved S shape, which is just not attractive in my opinion. What I was curious of is if anyone has had success with trunk chopping or air layering this particular species? Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Tuy HOa, Vietnam
I frankly don't know and don't want to spend time searching for it, may take a while.

I lived in upper north America most of my life and never really saw a FT of much quality nor any being sold in any of the 'Malsai' places. Most were poor and not in good health but. can offer a few suggestions for you.

I'd do a little reading on care first to make sure you can provide what they need to stay alive and thrive. Get one that shows some promise then go to work. I would first, repot it into a much larger pot or container to give it room to grow and put out a lot of new roots. The soil should be loose and porous the pot should drain well.

Air layering takes a lot of time for anything, potting and then redisigning the tree will get you there. Heavy branch cutting will get it back-budding like crazy. Figure out what you want to keep and work on what grows out, that will give you a lot to work on.

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