Fukien tea tree - leaves turning brown / white substance on leaves

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Any suggestions on the below would be much appreciated.

My wife and I received an 8 year old fukien tea tree as a wedding present in September last year. For the first few months it was doing ok, but in January we noticed small white things which, after some investigation, we found to be wolly aphids.
To get rid of these, we sprayed it with this stuff (aphid / louse spray):

After two or three treatments of that spray (over the course of about 3 weeks) the wooly aphids are gone.

Since then however the tree has been losing a lot of leaves - they start to yellow, then turn brown / dry and fall off.
We live in Berlin Germany and while the trea is in a south facing window, I guess the tree is not getting enough light, although as we are getting into spring I hope this will not be a problem much longer.

I had been watering the trea about once a week by immersing it in water (over the soil level) and leaving it like that for a few minutes until bubbles stopped coming up. I read that this is not a good idea, so for the past two weeks I stopped doing this and instead use a plastic bottle with some holes poked in the top to spray water onto the trea. I wait until the soil is dry between watering. About once a month I have also been using some liquid plant food that I mix with the water and spray on with the bottle.

What is worrying is the white substance on some of the leaves as shown in the attached photos - not sure what that is (maybe some kind of aphid or louse?).

Sorry to write so much, but if anyone has any advice on what that white stuff is and what to do please let me know!



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Reckon its standard issue Fukien white things....

Brown happens too!

Congratulations on the wedding!

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No not marriage!

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