Fungicide recommendations? Ficus Microcarpa bonsai


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Toronto, Canada
After posting on this forum for a while and visiting local nurseries, I realize my bonsai likely has a fungal problem. I am looking for fungicide recommendations. Some people suggest homemade remedies (e.g. a water, baking soda, organic soap, and vegetable oil mix) but I'm wondering if I should use one from a reliable brand (such as Safer's 3-in-1, which I already have, but never used before). Also, how often should I spray with fungicide and should I spray only foliage or roots as well?

I'll give a brief history of my tree for your understanding:
- I've had this tree in a metal pot, sitting at a west-facing windowsill with DIRECT light for 4 years, I never had pest/fungal problems and I never fertilized it either
- This is the first year I have ever repotted it, about 5-6 weeks ago now, using a special bonsai soil mix and placed in a bonsai pot
- Initially after repot I moved the tree a meter away from it's windowsill spot, to get INDIRECT light (this is what I read was recommended after repotting)
- I noticed some yellowing and browning leaves as well as brown LIQUID beads (they are not scale, I promise), so after what had now been 2.5 weeks in the indirectly lit spot, I moved it back to its original windowsill spot (see photos of what the yellowing/browning leaves and liquid beads look like)
- I picked off all those sick leaves, and new healthy leafs started growing in
- Now, the yellowing and brown/blackening leaves are returning - mainly affecting the older leaves, though some new leaves have grown with deformities (cuts on the edges)
- No signs of bugs on the foliage whatsoever, though there are TINY black insects crawling in the soil (I had noticed these bugs 2 years before I repotted it as well, and they never harmed the tree so I don't think they are problematic)
- After posting on many forums, the verdict seems to be 1) shock from too much sun (which I don't agree with, since the yellowing/browning occurred before returning the tree to direct light) or 2) fungal problems (with new soil, it makes sense that it is retaining more water than what I was used to giving it and I overwatered)

Looking forward to your response!!! :)

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The soil is too wet, I suspect. If you're not going to put it outside let the soil dry out before you water again. I'd bet you take care of both the yellowing leaves and the insects.

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