Fusing many seedlings (Ficus' & Oaks, Live & Laurel) to get "1 tree"? Hoping for tips/advice (have seen someone who did Maple-seedlings over wire-cage


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FL (Tampa area / Gulf-Coast)
So I've got a total glut of seedlings of:
- Ficus M's (several dozen, from just-propagated to 6mo+ old)
- Ficus B "Too Little" (just like regular Benji's, only very very tiny leaves & internodes, surprised it's not more popular), have half-dozen of them in 1/2"+ girth and another dozen at thin-seedling stage (months-old rooted
- Live Oaks & Laurel Oaks, collected last season and just now *bursting* with spring-growth

While many are going to be grown-out in lil clumps of ~3-->5 trees (lashed-together when young so they fuse early, hoping to accomplish all such fusings this summer), I can't stop thinking about grander fusing-projects.....

Would appreciate ANY links, pictures, youtubes etc on fusing when it's a "have tons of stock" situation, I mean I have at least 3 dozen of each of those species, all well-rooted except for small# of recent Ficus cuttings (which root quick & sure here), the Oaks are all well rooted and devoid of tap-roots (I'd collect a bunch and once rooted I'd remove the tap-root, what I have now are the survivors, dozens & dozens of them all vigorous w/ spring-growth!)

Thanks a ton for any advice/insight, am basically just lashing Ficus to rocks, and planting Oaks in zip-tied bundles of 3->5 (kinda like people do when planting/making those topiary trees where the limbs are 'wrapped'/braided with each other), figure I can force ugly-but-real solid tree-trunks here but just don't wanna go in blind, trying to reinvent the wheel. Can find plenty of instructionals for small# setups but I wanna make something that's got a dozen or dozens of seedlings (unless that is just impractical/impossible, I mean I've only seen it on Maples and I only saw pics of it being setup, not of how it came-out :p )

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