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Dana has left Brussels Bonsai, just an FYI

Yeah. He's going out on his own, where he can spend more time with collection, tree design, and refinement. If you are interested, he'll book sessions at your house with your collection. I've had him here several times, and it is well worth it. He's a workhorse while he is there. He doesn't just draw the sketch and watch you work. He'll do as little or as much as you want. We've got him coming back to south Louisiana in mid March to do a couple club workshops and some private collections.

Sorry to hear that Dana has left Brussels, but that is just me being selfish. He has always been very helpful to me when I have gone there. And when I place orders, I cannot afford the "specimen" trees. But have always request Dana to pick the tree for me and been very Pleased. (was about to send him an email next week)
But I am always glad to hear of someone making a occupation change if it is for the better. I am sure Dana will do well, as you say he is a hard worker and very knowledgeable.

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