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With the addition of the new links pages on this site, it is appropriate to discuss links policy.

(1) All link submissions are moderated. They are accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of the BonsaiNut staff.

(2) Link submissions will be audited before being accepted. They will need to meet the following criteria:

(a) Be of general interest to the BonsaiNut community.
(b) Be of unique and substantial content - no rehashes of the same content found elsewhere.
(c) Be maintained. Sites with substantial out-of-date pages, broken links, etc, will not be accepted.
(d) Be safe. Security flags will keep a site out of the links listing indefinitely until the site has been cleaned.

(3) Generally speaking, bonsai forum-only sites will NOT be listed - unless they take a substantially different approach towards bonsai content than what is featured at bonsainut.

(4) At this time, reciprocal links are NOT required, but they are appreciated :)

As the link listing grows, we will continue to add functionality or additional categories / sub-categories as makes sense. The links directory is now PART OF THIS COMMUNITY - it will be as relevant and valuable as we all make it. If you visit a site that is important to you as a bonsai enthusiast - please share it with others! This serves two purposes - it provides value to the community, and it provide traffic to these businesses and sites to reward them for doing a good job!!
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