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As we open up this new area of BonsaiNut, I thought it would be important to lay down some ground rules. We have developed a great community, and it is due in part to the non-commercial nature of the discussion on the main boards. However a recurring theme has been requests from members for sources of quality plant material, and other unique items like pots, accent plants, soil mixes, etc. Therefore we are going to open up a limited commercial area, and hopefully people will view it as a resource in their quest to collect great bonsai.

Rules for the sponsor boards:

1) Please restrict specific commercial discussion to this area of the site; do not bridge discussions over to the main boards.

2) I am going to ask vendors to focus on contact info (links to their sites), general info about what they specialize in, and specific examples of unique trees, plants or pots that they might have available. I would prefer that they NOT focus on commodities like how much they charge for wire, books, videos, tools, etc, unless these items have a unique aspect to them.

We will see how this area develops over time and make changes if necessary!
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