Germinating a peach


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Kernersville NC
I was wandering if someone could help me out. I know its probably the wrong time of year but figured I would give it a shot anyway.

Anyway, what I did was cut the pit with an x-acto hobby saw down the middle of the thin side untill it split. I removed half of the shell and placed the rest of it in some wet soil, shell part down. If you haven't seen the inside of a peach pit it has a pulpy middle part similar in size to an almond (I think the two are in the same family if memory serves me right). Any idea if this will work? I tried just burying one last year but nothing happened to it. If what I'm thinking is the way to go about it but the wrong time of year, I will get some more and try again next year. I assume spring time?

I know it might not make a good Bonsai, but I don't mind just growing it as a tree and enjoying the free peaches when and if it does grow. I am also aware that it might not be true to whatever cultivar it was. That's fine with me.

Looking forward to what you fine B'nuts have to say.
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