Ginseng ficus w/ falling yellow leaves - fungus / pests?

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Hi folks-
I recently got my first bonsai as a gift from my gf, a ginseng ficus. After I first got it & repositioned it about a month ago, about 25% of the leaves turned yellow and fell off which I understand to be somewhat normal after relocating a tree.

However, it's still continuing to lose leaves and I'm wondering if I have some sort of pest or bug. I water it about every 2 days and try to mist it every day, if that helps. I live in an area of the city with not much sun, but I've set the tree quite near a large south-facing window.

I've attached some photos of the condition of the leaves in general as well as what some fallen ones look like, and what I think might be bugs and / or fungus, but I could be totally wrong here.

Please note (1) the small white "stalks" on the bottom side of many of the leaves and (2) what looks like a fat black bug / thing.

I would love it if anyone could provide some pointers and / or care instructions; this is a brand new hobby to me and I would rather not have my first tree die on me...


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