Going to the 2008 Carolina Bonsai Expo?

Martin Sweeney

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Waxhaw, NC
Hey Martin... I look forward to seeing you. I am sure you will have at least one of your stunning trees in the display. After the last couple of years one always has to wonder what the Charlotte club has up their sleeve in terms of a club display:) Anyhow, I am really looking forward to an eventful weekend.

I look forward to seeing you as well. Unfortunately, I do not plan on showing anything this year. What I have to show was shown last year, so what's the point. I have done a poor job of dedicating enough time to preparing trees for the Expo this year and am paying the price now.

I still look forward to going and will enjoy another South Carolina Best Display victory, like everyone else, everytime, over and over again. Not that I am bitter or anything....


I hope to see you this Saturday for the club meeting.

I do regret that the original guest artist won't be there, but look forward to seeing Peter Adams.

Best regards to you both.
Hey Martin... The display is doubtful this year...nothing special...but next year its our's again;) We've already started planning...we were just to late to get it pulled off for this year. I do promise that it will be out of the box though. and besides we are not even the reigning club:) I am sorry to hear about your lack of time...I know being a family man is important to you, as it well should be, but don't let those trees get away from you too much...you are far too talented and have way too much time invested to let it slip away. On a side note, all of the little guys I got from you earlier this year are doing great! I hope we have the time to talk a little in Asheville and I haven't forgotten about our little trip either:)
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