Golden Cypress

Just Duane

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Honolulu Hawaii
Although it aint to golden yet:)


I really like the tree. I just finished a nice twin trunk Hynoki. A few limbs need to go.The pads are a little difficult to wire. I call it air wiring. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.



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Nice trees as always Duane, that looks pretty big, how tall is that?
Nice twin trunk there Dano. Do you ever get tired of pinching your tree back? I do:)

Shohin Kid, the tree is about 23 inches from the soil line, but its on a rock. Its about 18-19 inches without the rock.
Every year my club (rainbow bonsai club) sets up a bonsai display at the kunia orchid show. The orchid show will be held this weekend March 16, 17, 18th. I finally got to attend a club meeting for the first time in six months & was asked if I would display a tree. I chose this golden cypress that I have been working on & (mostly off) for almost 3 yrs now. The tree has been wired twice in the past 2 yrs.

Heres the tree looking all overgrown


Here it is after a few hours of work



The rock


...and upskirt...


I kinda rushed this tree because I cannot attend the show & I have to hand the tree over to a fellow club member tomorrow for transport. I hope it passes sensei inspection :(
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Thanks for posting this lovely tree. I especially enjoyed the underneath shot!
Do you worry about that much moss on the roots, or is it just placed there for the show? I ask, because I'm guilty of too much moss on mine...:eek:
Very nice tree Duane! I love seeing progress, and this has come a long way in 3 years (for a cypress...). The root over rock is awesome, it really reminds me of some of my dive spots up here on the NorCal coast.
Thanks JudyB. The moss just grew there over the last six months. I dont like moss, but I have to live with it here in Hawaii. I will remove it after the exhibit. I guess it kind of a bonus for now.

Thanks Brian, for some reason both my cypress have done really well for being on the hot side of the island. I just have to be careful to never let them dry out.
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