Google Universal Library Nixed - For Now


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Port Orchard, WA
Why post this here, rather than in the bar? What's it got to do with bonsai?

Answer: My book! [shameless plug]

And - every other bonsai book or work by every other author or photographer or bonsai artist. Even the hard to find books like Naka's, which everyone wants incredibly badly (but are unwilling to pay for). And, all the fine bonsai videos developed lately.

Sadly, for some, Google will not (yet) be able to commandeer every word and photo ever printed for folks to enjoy gratis (or near gratis) with no/little compensation to the authors, photographers, bonsai artists, and publishers who put in all the work. But Google execs visit the White House with some frequency, so maybe everbody's wish will eventually come true - Free content for all!

And then there's the possibility that Google vans can come by any time they want or look down from satellites or drones and photograph and pinpoint the locations of everyones' trees and post them for all to see and enjoy - perhaps even 24/7 so we can all watch their progression. The technology exists, and they've tried to do and have plans to do similar things - who would be selfish enough to stand in the way of this blessing to the bonsai world?

The Universal Google Bonsai Site and Forum may not be too far away, a special section of the Universal Library where all known bonsai data is available to all enthusiasts all the time! Imagine the joy of that brave new world!
hehehe,:), I can tell you are pissed about something:) Hey, Google is the greatest thing since sliced white bread.
Did Google want to publish on-line books that are currently protected by copy-right?

Does that mean that we can all start using each-other's photos and articles without permission? (I assume that if Google can do it, anybody else can do it as well).
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